Spinach pasta with zucchini and smoked salmon

Different kinds of pasta dishes are my favourite, but it’s a bit boring eating all the time my number one – with fresh tomatoes and fresh basil. I think, A.’s favourite pasta dish is pasta with smoked salmon, and I wanted to upgrade it a bit, adding zucchini – having too much of it, cause my mum brought it from my uncle’s farm, I needed to finally take care of. So that’s the story behind how I made this spinach pasta with zucchini and smoked salmon alive. It’s 20-30 min. recipe and doesn’t require any odd spices or skills, so perfect for the cooking beginners 馃檪

Looks awesome, and tastes so good! 馃檪

spinach pasta with zucchini and smoked salmon


  • 200-300 g spinach tagliatelle (or other spinach pasta)
  • 1 medium zucchini
  • 150 g smoked salmon
  • half of a small onion
  • 100 ml cream 30%
  • salt, pepper
  • a couple of basil leaves
  • olive oil
  • pinch of roasted almond flakes (*optional)

Cook pasta as it says on the package in a salty boiling water.

Cut zucchini into slices (the easiest is to do it with a vegetable peeler), just the part without seeds – if too wide, cut it in half horizontally. Cook it in a boiling water with a bit of salt for 1-2 min. Then dry it.

Dice onion and add it to the pan with olive oil. Fry on a small gas, so it doesn’t get brown. In the meantime cut the smoked salmon into smaller pieces. Add zucchini and salmon to the pan and fry it 3-4 min. Add the cream, salt and pepper. Stir until it thickens. Pasta should be ready by now, so dry it and add to the pan. Stir all together, add basil leaves, check if it’s seasoned enough. Voila! You can add some roasted almonds flakes on the top – nice and crunchy!

Bon appetit!

What is your favourite pasta dish?

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