Twój kucharz is a place to eat in Cracow

I’m super behind with posts, which I have planned. I started a new job while writing my master thesis, so I have rarely free time to do sth with my blog. Cooking in darkness (shitty autumn), and while being hungry doesn’t help with the culinary inventions, and pics are… let’s just say they are nothing, which I could be proud of. But let’s not get beaten by this awful grey autumn!

Where to eat in Cracow

In September (my god, we have already November), my dearest friend from Erasmus, Sofia visited me. I showed her Warsaw, but we also made a trip to Cracow, where we have discovered an amazing restaurant. In a train, we had a lot of time (because we decided to travel the economic way – so we chose the cheaper train which goes 4 hours instead of 2,5h). Anyway, I having so much time on the train I started to look for some good restaurant, where we could eat good, and which won’t cost us all money we had. I read somewhere about the restaurant called Twój Kucharz (en. Your Cook), located… (in the middle of nowhere, as it was a touristic journey). I must say that it was worth to walk for about one hour from our hostel (which btw. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone) because the restaurant is great! The interior is designed in Scandinavian-industrial style, with the open kitchen, so you can easily see who cooks, how, and with what products. That was awesome! 🙂

Where to eat in Cracow

The menu changes every week and they do use eco products. We chose gnocchi with pumpkin, kale, sage, garlic and Parmigiano (24 zł) and pasta with roasted bell pepper, tomato, smoked bundz (it’s kind of our traditional, regional goat cheese from the mountain region), garlic and butter (24 zł).

Gnocchi with pumpkin, kale and sage

Gnocchi with pumpkin, kale and sage

Plates were big, and even though we were starving we almost couldn’t finish. But it was really worth to be stuffed like that. The meal was delicious. Gnocchi were perfectly elastic, pumpkin well seasoned.

I liked bundz the most, which I almost never eat (I don’t know where in Warsaw you can buy the real one), and even more – I would never get the idea to add it to a pasta dish. But that was amazing. As you see, the man learn for the whole life (as we say in Poland). If I find bundz somewhere in Warsaw I will try to repeat the dish and share it with you.

Twój Kucharz - pasta dish

Pasta with roasted bell peppers, tomatoe and bundz

Besides the food, which we ordered, which is totally worth to come there, all the menu sounds super tasty. If we would be a couple of hours more in Cracow the next day, we would definitely visit Twój Kucharz again. What is important in my opinion – even though the waitress was surprised that we asked for tap water, not from the bottle, she didn’t have anything against it (the next day, in a totally different place in Kazimierz area, they said they won’t serve us tap water, cause it’s undrinkable. Come on! Doesn’t anyone in Cracow heard about ‘drink tap water’ campaign?!). Sofia was surprised that drinking tap water in Poland is not normal, especially if you check the bottle water prices in the menus. And think about all the plastic you produce to close the water in a container like a bottle.

To sum up – a really tasty, interesting meal for two people, with Cracovian tap water cost us just 48 zł.

I reeaaally recommend Twój Kucharz, because they have an enormous potential. I heard that they also have some cooking workshops – I envy a lot those ones who live in Cracow. You’re lucky! And I can’t wait to visit Cracow and the restaurant again soon. 🙂

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